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About Padideh

About Us:

We are a crucial link between the clinical and operational sides of healthcare, delivering end-to-end solutions and data-driving insights that advance healthcare and improve lives every day. With deep partnerships, diverse perspectives and innovative digital solutions, we build connections across the continuum of care.

Padide Commercial Group was founded in 1993 and with more than 29 years of experience, we are one of the leading establishments in the distribution chain of health industry. We are striving each day to expand our services and advance the quality of our products with purpose of improving community health. Today we are proud to say that with 3 specialized fields of activity, 3 offices nationwide and 1 international office, along with production of health-oriented products, we have reached our goal and become a household name in the industry.

We still regard the trust our customers have in us, as our biggest asset and we will do everything in our power to improve our services to their satisfaction.

With diverse backgrounds, diligence and expertise our management team brings to our business and our hardworking workforce, we are committed to become one of the leading distributors and producers in the region.

The aim of our organization is to set itself and its products apart from that of its competitors in the region with the help of the quality and precedence of our brand portfolio. To this end, Padide is constantly trying to offer physician-preferred and cost-efficient products from all over the world in the northwest of Iran to be able to help improving the recovery rate of patients and the satisfaction of physicians and all medical teams in the country through delivering high-quality medical products.

With our large and expanding range of product portfolio we are proud to be the distributor of more than 1200 disposable medical equipment from more than 32 represented companies including domestic manufacturers and/or reputable importers of the country.

With the use of health-oriented equipment, offering after-sales services in the Norwest of Iran and supply of goods to the furthest parts of the country with stable prices, Padide has acquired the highest rate of satisfaction, and has become a household name among the distributors of Single-use Disposable Medical Products in the northwestern region.

Today after almost three decades of presence in the distribution industry, Padide feels proud encountering successful businesses and individuals who were once part of the large family of Padide.

Our Mission:

Continuous Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the focus of our survival and improvement; thus, our obligation is to identify and understand their present and future needs.

Product Quality Level Improvement

Sensitivity and accuracy in choosing distribution brands and manufactured goods is our No.1 priority in all kinds of decisions we make so that quality goods reach to our clients and in turn to consumers.

Emphasis on R&D and Information Upgrade

Through the use of innovative information technologies and data solutions, Padide group is considered to be one of the pioneers in the immediate customer need fulfillment, in the health product distribution industry.

Each day we take steps to achieve new solutions for reasonable and cost-efficient production through the use of innovative knowledge and research and development using the latest scientific achievements.

Work Environment

We endeavor to build diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace that values the unique perspectives and contributions of all of our employees; a workplace where every employee can bring 100% of themselves to work every day.

We aim to create a safe environment for our personnel, the production material and the product itself with the purpose of creating ease of mind for the end consumer.